Managed Cloud and DevOps as a Service

Let us manage your scalable and highly available cloud infrastructure so that you can completely focus on your business.


What We Do

Leave behind the hassles of infrastructure management, backups and system administration. Our team of highly skilled professionals will get the job done for you.

How we do it

  • We use platforms of leading Cloud providers like AWS, Google Cloud and Digital Ocean to host our client’s infrastructure.

  • You can either choose your hosting provider yourself or let us advice you the best possible option according to your requirements and budget.


Excellent Customer Support and Real Peace of Mind

Fully Managed Cloud

We’ll take care of your infrastructure provisioning and maintenance.

Monitoring & Alerts

Your websites and servers are monitored 24×7.


Your data is always backed up on a distributed block storage.


We take security seriously and make sure that our client’s infrastructure is security hardened.


Take advantage of our DevOps services to create CI/CD pipelines for your automated deployments.

24×7 Support

Create a support request on our help desk and get instant response from one of our engineers.

Managed Cloud Services to help you grow your business

Focus on your business and let us manage all your cloud infrastructure requirements

How it works


DevOps as a Service

On top our infrastructure provisioning and maintenance, you can benefit from our DevOps services as well. Our highly skilled DevOps Engineers have everything covered.

  • CI/CD Pipelines
  • Configuration Management

  • Infrastructure as Code


Eliminate the hassle of Infrastructure Management

No need to worry about production outages, security patches and backups.

how it works

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